Socionics Tools

Socionics Tools

Sociotype.com provides a number of interactive tools, ongoing research projects, and statistics to further the understanding of socionics.

Intertype Relationship Calculator

This calculator is used to calculate the intertype relationship between two types. Along with the basic interytpe relationship, it also includes secondary and tertiary relationships based on the types' subtypes. Finally, it includes a Model A analysis showing which functions positively benefit from the relationship and which functions are negatively impacted.

The Visual Identification Project

About The Visual Identification Project

The VI Project seeks to identify and study the relationship between one's appearance and his/her socionics type, if any such relationship exists. The VI Project is currently under development. However certain parts of the project are functional: you can upload images and type images. Be sure to read all the pertinent instructions before doing either of these things. At this time, participation in the project requires you be logged on as a registered member of the site: you can login here and register here. To see the current status of the project and learn more about it, check the VI Project Status page for updates.

Famous People's Sociotypes

The purpose of this project is to accurately determine the socionics type of famous persons. You can search by by name, by socionics type, or by any other relevant socionics related attribute. You can view whether there is any disagreement about a person's sociotype and the distribution of that disagreement. Finally, you can contribute by adding famous persons to the database and/or typing famous persons already in the database.


The Statistics page gives detailed empirical data on a variety of socionics related topics.

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Intertype Relationship Calculator

The relationship calculator provides a detailed structural breakdown of the intertype relationship that occurs betweeen two types. The result includes the primary intertype relationship as well as the secondary and tertiary ones (only relevant if subtypes are known). The relative weights of each of these components is also provided. And in general, the relationship with largely be dominated by the primary relation, with the secondary and tertiary playing more minor roles. However depending on the subtypes, the secondary relation can play a significant role in the relationship and one should consider that aspects of all the three relations will be present to varying degrees depending on the associated weights.

Compare Socionics Types

Intertype Relationship Calculator

See how compatible you are with someone else based on your socionics types!