EII (INFj) Subtypes

EII-Ne: The INFj Intuitive Subtype

Description by V. Meged and A. Ovcharov


The intuitive subtype is emotional, composed, and firm. Shows cordiality, goodwill, and friendliness toward people who are in his favor. Closing distance with a person tries to be somehow useful and of service. Likes to advise, to mentor, to educate others but only within his circle. Possesses figurative and imaginative thinking and creative abilities, can discuss various imagery, symbols, dreams. Sensitive, vulnerable, uncertain and erratic. Prone to taking offense despite his best attempts to hide this. Sometimes he likes to joke around in conversation.

Tries not to say unpleasant things to people, but cannot always restrain himself and may burst out in disagreement or indignation, but comes to regret it later. Serious and fastidious, prefers to hold himself with some reserve and subtlety. Dresses simply, adhering to classical styles, often conservatively. His mimicry and gestures are weakly expressed. Speech is emotional and slightly inhibited; its tone is often didactic. Frequently has a disproportionate figure, often squat in physique and prone to corpulence. Gait may be a bit clumsy and waddling.


Seeks to understand the essence of various subjects and phenomena. Possesses strong associative and figurative thinking and the talent of foresight. Perceptive and insightful regarding the potential of various projects and people, aware of other's talents and abilities. Often displays an interest in problems that lie at the intersection of ethics and philosophy. Very curious, loves to read and to contemplate. He is constantly evaluating everything. Feels unsatisfied and frustrated with work that is monotonous and routine. Strives for self-cultivation. Defends his views on emotional basis, but tries to support his statements with facts. Distrustful, requires sufficient evidence to become convinced of the verity of his partner's statements.

Poorly tolerates loneliness, needs attention of people who are close with him. Appreciates sincerity, attention to his person, and tact; condemns discordant and abusive behavior. Quite principled; he believes that all-forgiveness corrupts those who deserve to be punished. May sometimes deliver a harsh rebuke for a person whom he thinks to be guilty, but usually wavers before doing so because he is afraid of spoiling his relations with other people and being unfair. Loves his family; he is ready for any sacrifices for them. Very fond of small children; though sometimes for educational purposes he is strict and uncompromising in their treatment. At times advocates for harsh measures and punishments.

Impressionable and emotionally sensitive. Feels truly satisfied with himself only if he could contribute by a deed. Tries to please others by performing a variety of services for them or giving presents, by being generous and unselfish. Helps people not sparing his time and efforts, meanwhile may forget about himself. Does not forgive betrayal and treachery; in such cases may irreversibly put an end to the relationship. Easily takes offense. Painfully and sensitively perceives the lack of volitional, push-through qualities in himself.

Takes on many tasks barely completing them on time, thus may postpone unpleasant or uninteresting work until later. Shows an interest in the objective side of affairs if he has a desire to become competent in pragmatic activities, in which case makes himself learn about procedures and regulations. Can be happy if he finds a proper application of his abilities.

A person of firm convictions - an idealist and a maximalist. Dreams of being in ideal harmony with his partner in tastes, beliefs, and passions, and becomes upset when this doesn't happen and disagreements arise. Due to his tendency to take everything close to heart, feels worried and agitated by slighted occasions. Prone to doubt, somewhat indecisive and diffident. Needs an optimistically oriented partner who can dispel his worries and uncertainties, be able to provide an evaluation of his work and actions, shield him from unnecessary tasks and people, and improve his mood. Has a keen sense of responsibility for others. Demanding of himself; educates others by his personal example. Tries to instill in other people consideration for human values. May have an interest in occult or religious and teach himself various divination techniques and interpretations of teachings.

His appearance is often very modest, dresses so as not to stand out. Attempts to look tidy and well-groomed, but investing effort and time into looking after his appearance feels like a burden for him. Often doesn't have much interest in jewelry. Critically evaluates his looks; negative remarks on this topic can deeply wound him. Receives compliments in the presence of others with confusion and distrust. Afraid of falling sick and becoming dependent on others, for this reason tries to improve his lifestyle.

Description by Victor Gulenko

Has a good eye for people. Immediately sees who does or doesn’t feel drawn to him by the looks in people’s eyes / have similar views to them. They love to be in a close circle of friends and adherents, and to discuss with them the novelties of literature, skill, humanities. Frequently behave unsure of themselves; They are scattered. The aim is humanitarian activity, but they can work in the service industry. Works well both in medicine and in pedagogy. Knows how to reconcile those disputing, to smooth out sharp situations. Knows how to create a pleasant situation, how to create a comfortable home. Dresses with the taste, frequently follows fashion.

Sexual behavior

Restrained, irresolute, and inclined to self-doubts: especially in decision making; act unsure of their feelings. Are utterly reliable in regards to debts and honor. Erotically are yielding and shy, await the initiative of another; unpredictable and predisposed to fantasies, inclined to improve sexual relations. Reserved, they speak of their concerns only with someone close to them. Needs a partner who is economic, practical, precise, concrete in words and able to interpret the intentions of others. Honest, they desire a partner with a strong nature that commands a feeling of debt.

EII-Fi: The INFj Ethical Subtype

Description by V. Meged and A. Ovcharov


The ethical subtype appears polite, restrained, and impassive. Usually keeps some distance in communication, at times seems cold, firm, and unemotional. In the process of dialogue, however, this impression gradually dissipates as he begins to sympathize and shows his desire to help and assist. Serious, calm, and well-wishing person. Quite insightful but reserved and rarely shares his observations. Fastidious and tactful. Doesn't know how to joke, feels afraid of saying something in excess. During arguments prefers to leave silently without resorting to diplomacy. Very hardworking, meticulous, patient, and diligent. Intolerant of violence and injustice. Consistent and firm in his principles. Able to create comfort, decorates his home with hand-made items. Knows how to work with his hands. Pays attention to his health and appearance; in appearance is usually neat and prim. Rarely smiles. His gaze seems guarded. Dresses modestly but with taste, in presence of sufficient funds even in exquisite manner. His movements are smooth, yet constrained. His gait is quick and light, somewhat restrained, at times pattering. Sits straight and seldom gesticulates in conversation.


This individual is very interested in relations between people. Values understanding, tolerance, capacity for compromise for the sake of harmony in relations. Attempts to be helpful, responsive, and attentive towards everyone. Accepts people as they are; forgives their weaknesses and does not seek to change them by force. Tries to adhere to the principles of fairness and compassion. Predisposes others towards trust. Can patiently listen out his conversation partner. Relates with understanding to manifestations of turbulent emotions in others; tries to calm the person down, give some useful advice. If this does not help, knows how to wait patiently until the person calms down on his or her own. Does not need verbal confirmation of feelings himself - he understands everything without words. Stable and persistent in his sympathies and affections. Cherishes soulful harmony, his own and that of others. If his partner does not fully satisfy him, he departs without much commotion and sorting out the relationship.

Achieves the goal he set before himself adamantly, sequentially and persistently, overcoming many difficulties in the process. While defending his interests he demonstrates principality and stubbornness. In extreme situations, acts logically and calmly, focusing his attention on the main aspects. Dislikes hurry and haste. Knows how to properly distribute events and work in time and manages to finish everything by the deadlines. Feels annoyed when having one unfinished job he is assigned another. Tries to prepare in advance to not disappoint others. Does not want to burden others with himself. Likes thoroughness and solidity in everything. Getting bogged down by details can over-exhaust himself. Operative and conscientious. Invests his soul into any job, performs it beautifully and skillfully.

Shows little interest in anything that does not concern him and his interests. Has developed sense of skepticism, due to which there is certain inertness in his behavior. By nature he is cautious and distrusting; shares his experiences only with people who are close to him. Self-controlled in behavior, laconic, and unimposing in providing advice. Tries to objectively understand any argument and explain to each contestant where he or she is wrong. Laments his failures in solitude. Finds it difficult to tolerate conflict and misunderstandings. Restrained in showing his emotions, shows them only in a close circle of friends. Modest and bashful; rarely voices negative comments regarding others, instead waits for the person to feel his own fault.

Observant of the aesthetics of appearance and interior, tries to instill aesthetic taste in others. Intolerant of slovenliness. Dislikes discomfort and poor taste; eagerly listens to the advice of others on such subjects. Poorly assesses the quality of his own work and time expended on it. Responsible; disapproves of lack of punctuality and conscientiousness in others. Often finds his calling working as a psychologist or physician, or taking up social work of humanitarian nature.

Description by Victor Gulenko

Is sincerely religious or adheres to any ethical system. Doesn't have to be religious to be EII. Unobtrusive and restrained. Ascetic. Strict towards themselves and others when it comes to disturbances of moral standards. This does not mean strict towards those who disturb social standards. Little interested in the fact that they’re not connected with their persuasions. In their work they are sluggish and scrupulous. With them it is possible to have a talk, to pour out one’s soul, to receive simple, but efficient advice. Outward appearance: self-absorbed, ascetic.

Sexual descriptions

They are trusting, devoted idealists. Internally emotional but outwardly they try to control their feelings. They’re reliable and disposed to stable relations. Kind and soft yet exacting and obstinate in their relations; do not forgive betrayal. Aim for aesthetics, harmony and perfection in sex. Wounded, they greatly depend on the emotional state of whom they love. Require proofs of love; need someone initiative taking, optimistic and confident in their self and feelings. In sexual life are slaves of their partner’s demands.

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