Phase II is underway at iSocion!

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Phase II is underway at iSocion!

Postby iSocion » Tue Jan 14, 2014 11:31 pm

iSocion LLC – Our Mission: “Social Self-Awareness”
To provide our users the knowledge and benefits of Socionics theory and intertype relationships, on a global scale. Through our research and experimentation, we seek to provide validation of Socionics and further evolve its underlying psychology.

The iSocion Project – Launch: Phase I “Synchronicity”
On June 6th, 2013 the iSocion Project was launched at; this date was chosen as the end result of a random number and a daily countdown. However this day also happened to be the 52nd anniversary of the death of Dr. Carl Gustav Jung. Carl Jung is one of the three people upon whose work Socionics is based, and in 1952 he published his paper called, “Synchronicity: An A causal Connecting Principle.” Jung was known not to have believed in coincidences, and he postulated that some events were not the result of causality but instead were linked together by their meaning, or significance to each other.
The initial phase of the iSocion Project included a typing algorithm for users to join the site. This algorithm utilized and evaluated the reliability of Jungian dichotomies as a basis for determining one’s Sociotype. The typing calculator that was created for new users joining the site was coded as both an adaptive and intelligent (learning) algorithm. To date, these two features have never been turned on, which brings us to…

The iSocion Project – Phase II “Anyone, Everyone, All of Us…”
Site content updates that repair minor bug issues.
Posting to connected users.
Phase II testing module that is embedded in our user interface. Answer at your own pace. As information sets become complete, the data is handed to our research team for evaluation.
Phase II testing parameters include: Temperament and group behavior (especially Clubs and Quadras, etc.), Information Metabolism Elements, and Cognitive styles.
Phase II methods will give far greater accuracy to our iSocion users’ type results. These factors represent, with the Jungian dichotomies from phase I, the bulk of “Classical Socionics.” In addition to this increased reliability of Sociotype, an entirely new set of descriptions have been generated that to date have not yet been available to our users on, such as Form of Cognition descriptions, Romance styles, Hidden Agenda, as well as descriptions of each Club and Quadra.

Phase II – Community Goal: Help us flip the magic switch on our calculator’s brain!!!
We need a critical mass of users consisting of every Sociotype to serve as a meaningful baseline for the activation of our Adaptive/ Learning Algorithm. As soon as this specific algorithm becomes activated, our typing calculator will base its question selection on the unique answers/information that the user has specified. Also, since our algorithm has an intelligent, learning-driven quality to it, once it becomes fully activated, it will become more accurate and efficient with each new user that joins us. We estimate reaching this critical distribution number approximately at the 500 – 750th user mark. We can reach that milestone here in this phase of the project (with everyone’s help of course!!!).

The iSocion Project is now live in Phase II
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