can anyone help me with my sociotype

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can anyone help me with my sociotype

Postby draon9 » Fri Jun 05, 2015 10:28 pm

I have took the socionics test over and over and most of them came oit to be ENTj,enfj,INFp and Istp and Istj.
I think that I fit the qualities of some a beta or gamma bevause I know I do not have any si/ne at all because if I look at someone, it us like I am looking directly at one person at a tine instrad of rverybody, I do not why most people think I am looking, but in all reality I try not to look at anyone too long and thank you.
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Re: can anyone help me with my sociotype

Postby Alparslan123 » Mon Jun 08, 2015 3:42 pm

To type someone there is usually more information required. But its a good idea to start with what kind of temperament you have.
Ej, Ij, Ep or Ip. You can also take the Eysenck Personality test (introvert-extravert, stable-unstable).Than it would look like this: Ej= extravert-unstable (dynamic), Ij=Introvert-stable (static), Ep=extravert-stable (static) , Ip= introvert-unstable (dynamic). Its very similar to the old Temperament theory of the Four Humours (choleric: Ej, phlegmatic: Ij, sanguine: Ep and melancholy Ip). The same as Intro/extravert - Rational/irrational.

If you have decided this, you can look at these 3 most valuable dichotomies: static/dynamic, asking/declaring, aristocratic/democratic. At this site you can find the information about the dichotomies Choose the dichotomies you find most fitting at this site: Also whether you are intro/extravert and rational/irrational.
It is possible that you see your type already.

Dont know for sure?
Then you know your Temperament and (at least 1) dichotomies. Youre beginning to zero in on your true type.

3rd step is:
Write you strenghts and weaknesses that you know ''for sure'' are yours.
Example: my strengths and weaknesses are: Strengths: analytical, creative, theoritical, introverted, absent minded, categorical thinking. Weaknesses: cant take of my own sometimes, hard time with conflicts, bad at building relations with people, neglecting my surroundings.
You see that my strengths that i am conscious of is in mij Ego Block (Ti, Ne) and my weaknesses in my super ego block (Fi, Se).

I am Ij type (phlegmatic, introvert-stable), I am asking, democratic and static, and the functions that i find most fitting are Ti and Ne, paired with Fi and Se.

4th (if you still dont know)
Look at your communication style with people. How do you generally communicate with people.
There are 4 styles: Passionate, cold-blooded, business-inclined and sincere-style. Look at these communication style at or even this site.

Hope that it works and hope to hear from you!
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Re: can anyone help me with my sociotype

Postby draon9 » Thu Jun 11, 2015 6:18 am

After looking deeper into socionics, I think I fit the qualities of an IP. I am very laid back and naturally can come across as lazy and very wierd to a lot of people. Here are my strengths; I have an ability to have insight into people's emotions, I know how to get people talking due and start chaos and get people interested in me, i do have an analytic mind, but it is not my strong suit.
I have a tendency to not be able to detach from emotion when people flatter me. As I was looking this objectivly, I think I fit the qualities of an feti user because naturally I only do things that make logical sense and I always get emotionally engage in events such as making jokes, say some ignorant so people could react. In all reality, I believe that I am an sei and maybe iei.
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Re: can anyone help me with my sociotype

Postby draon9 » Sun Oct 04, 2015 11:01 pm

I am prone to getting mad because of how aggressive people come at me.
I love attention from other people
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