any help will be appreciated

Need help determining your sociotype or want to determine someone else's? This is the place to be.

any help will be appreciated

Postby alklonth » Tue Jul 01, 2014 5:22 pm

I've thought it'd be a good time to update some info and verify it maybe. In the place I were before I was pigeonholed as ti-valued (ti1 at first, then ti6, finally both possible). Mainly because a friend of mine introduced me as LII. However, there were some people who agreed with me I'm LIE or at least gamma NT. Anyway, that place has been of no use for me and so far I've found other places more helpful. And here it goes. I've just done the test here, the results:

Test Results
Your Sociotype: LIE-0 (ENTj)
Other possible Types
ILI (INTp): 96% as likely as LIE.
LSE (ESTj): 53% as likely as LIE.
EIE (ENFj): 50% as likely as LIE.

I'm not really sure at this point what would be helpful for you in order to help me. Maybe a bit about my concerns. My best long-term relationship based on mutual trust and understanding were LSE (3 years) and ESI (6 years so far). LSE seems more appreciating in my opinion, they're really happy when I do something, my ex was even happy I got his logic so well and so fast. ESI is more reprimanding.

I feel that my N- are connected with each other but I can't say which of them is dominating. I can easily come up with many ideas of what can we do (with a mission or goal in the background). That's what LSE loves. I can go for unconventional solutions. I'm more interested in things like marketing, making something popular, achieving a goal than just working the usual way, thinking of down-to-earth way to earn the bread.

I find it very hard to buy clothes. I never know if it's already too big or not. And for a long time I didn't even know I didn't know that. I usually actively seek help here now. Even if I have to ask the seller.

I tend to think about my past relationships a lot. It's not an everyday thought but it happens quite often. Some people argued I'm too nice for gamma NT, but my close ones say I'm rather unkind. And for me, I just try to be polite when it comes to socializing outside and to passively take care of possible relations.

I discovered I'm attuned to LIE when in a group and immediately start talking with them. E.g. recently we got situation that LSE was on her Fe3 obviously. She was laughing all the time and joking. LIE was talking more business-like and at first I was trying to follow both but found it hard. So what I actually did, I stopped focusing on LSE's Fe and started talking with LIE. Worked just great. Also I discovered I have more in common with LIE than LSE. LSE is like complementary but different. LIE is more like me. I'm just not sure if our Te is the same. But those LIE usually know more than me in the field we're talking about, so might not be relevant.

I thought about LIE, ILI, EII. What do you think?

Forgot to mention, English is not my native lang xDD
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