Photo typing Pleale help

Need help determining your sociotype or want to determine someone else's? This is the place to be.

Photo typing Pleale help

Postby lillylovecakes » Thu Nov 28, 2013 6:07 pm

Hello !

Im new on this forum,and i cant figure out my Sociotype!!
What i know, is that im either an INFP or INFJ but im not
sure !! Could someone of you Type me from a picture :oops: ?
Which of the Socionics (Filatova) Sketches do i look most ??
Im not a flexible and spontanious Person, so maybe INFJ !??
It would be very nice if someone of you can type me !!
vlcsnap-2013-10-21-19h03m36s7.png (172.13 KiB) Viewed 10265 times
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