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It's cool that there's a forum because I use this site a lot as a reference when I'm trying to make sense of my reactions to people and what I attribute my own reactions to. It's been solitary though, I'd like to be able to bounce ideas off of other people.

I'm a bit of a difficult person to type, so I can't say for sure what my type is. I have borderline personality disorder and am currently doing schema therapy. As I gain more awareness of the different maladaptive coping modes and when I'm in a mode, I think I'll be able to better see how they affect my function preference, but for now I'm just documenting the changes and not forming any conclusions.

That said, I also am friends with a lot of people with personality disorders whose types also shift around a lot. Knowing when someone is using a particular function has been helpful to me, and I've started incorporating what I know about quadras into how I approach each friend to match their "style" in my environment. I spend a lot of time playing minecraft or reading about philosophy of math/science and fitting new developments into their proper context--always scanning.

I also tend to spend quite a lot of time trying to help people find their potential or motivate them to greater levels of health. In the past, I made a lot of mistakes in what I expected from my friends/partners and had issues with understanding boundaries between my own and other people's feelings/thoughts/priorities. I'd unconsciously take on their preferences or read my own wishes into their actions.

I hope to refine my analysis and be a better person, help other people reach their goals and synthesize new material. I want to bring some of the worlds in my dreams into reality without crashing life's server. I'd like to find out how I can pursue all the things I want to without hurting people or throwing them off track.

I'd like to have more fun.

I'd like to get to know other people who understand socionics better than I do.
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