Hello people :)

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Hello people :)

Postby TTD187 » Sun Oct 06, 2013 11:21 pm

Hello :)

My name is Chris and I've recently started looking into socionics. I took the test and scored as ILI 3-Ni, which I understand uses the functions NiTe. In the MBTI, however, I score as INFJ (NiFe), but was advised that function use in socionics is dissimilar to that in Carl Jung's original descriptions so have decided to read up on those functions and compare them with each other. Both systems seem nice. In the enneagram, my tritype is 4w5, 5w6, 9w1 sx/sp.

Now, I should probably talk about myself in a less objective way, so you can all get to know me. It's nice to meet you all, and I hope we'll all enjoy each other's company on the socioforums. I'm currently studying A-Levels at college which will lead me to studying psychology at university, ultimately taking me to become a fully qualified psychologist. My greatest interest in psychology is the more theoretical side of things. I found studying last year was incredibly boring as the topic areas focused far too much on studies and applications within psychology and not the actual psychology.
Another great interest of mine is film. I'm currently writing the script for a film for college, which I will then cast for, direct and film (hopefully). I don't take much interest in the filming or editing aspect of film making, but the script-writing is something I enjoy as I can personalise the film, and convey meaning in a way I believe people to understand. I also like the acting part, as I can place my empathies directly into the character, almost becoming them.

Thank you very much for reading through my post :) I'd also love to answer questions if you have any.
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