Hello to all!

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Hello to all!

Postby OlgaTangemann » Thu Sep 15, 2011 12:25 pm

Hello to all!
My name is Olga. I am a Russian socionist and psychologist, living in London. I am a leader of the on-line school fo associative socionics...my be you have heard something already? I have founded a new approach to theory and practice of Socionics which is Associative Psychodiagnostics and I am intended to develop it further with the reference to psychotherapy.
I have done the test on this website and I am impressed with the results -EII or ESI. I am ESI -type.
I need some advice on the software for tests. The new website for my school is nearly finised in Russian version, but I need to buy a programm for tests which would be like your test accomodate pictures and music samples from tube or otherwise. I need the software which would be working with two languages at least. The website is based on Joomla.
Any advice would be very wellcome. :)
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