Another ILI or LII confusion

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Another ILI or LII confusion

Postby teddy.bear » Thu Jun 14, 2018 10:35 pm

I score either ILI or LII. I have actually found out today that I am on the edge between these two based on my observation. So, things about me :
Female, 25
Future doctor. I call myself an introvert with social skills. I actually read people easily but I question myself, mostly due to my lack of experience for now. I find patterns easily, it comes to me naturally. I am very untidy and I misplace stuff easily. I am a studious person as long as I don’t start doubting my skills. Recently I organized my time and study sessions and it made me calmer and way more efficient. My problem is just this constant self doubt... Some career choices : researcher in neuroscience, psychiatrist, university teacher which is my biggest dream.
I don’t make compliments as long as they are not true and I always keep my promises. I find it hard to accept compliments or gifts because I am not really interested in such things but I am working on it. I am a perfectionist, and I sometimes spend too much time on perfecting a subject.

Interaction with people is ok as long as I keep a neutral point of view which is easy. I am rarely subjective. I don’t usually take things personally. I am usually full of irony. Prone to isolation but working on breaking this habit. As weird as it sounds, I have a lot of friends and I am liked by many people who know me. I form solid relationships and they understood that me telling the harsh truth is my way of showing them that I care. Sometimes too many people leave me very tired and I chose to not respond to messages.
When dealing with emotional people I anticipate logically. I take feelings logical, at least to me they make sense... But... I can’t stand overly emotional people for too long so I have to retreat. I find them unreasonable.
Maybe it doesn’t matter that much but I am surrounded by enfj people a lot.

Love related men describe me as cold and unreacheable... and weird.Also they say that I understand their actions really well and they feel somehow safe but unsafe at the same time. Most of them had the impression I had someone else or I will soon leave them. Never cheated actually and never left someone for somebody else. In relationships I tend to organize it by goals and like to discuss problems calmly. I rarely get angry, I mostly try to understand. I leave a relationship that doesn’t serve me easily but sometimes it hurts very bad. I detach easily from my emotions when dealing with a relationship problem, but if it brings a break up and I am still in love I have this excrutiating pain and become really pessimistic. But these are just few cases, like 2 in my entire life. I usually love from afar and my love interest is clueless about me having feelings. I behave poorly near someone I like and goof around a lot or tease the person. But, I really enjoy organizing my relationships or my trips in various places.

I have some habits which are very old. I take the same road. I jump the same number of stairs, I brush my teeth in the same way, I even have a certain number of sips. This is morning routine. For quite few years I listened to the same song when I woke up.

I am affraid of long trips because I need plenty of time alone, otherwise I become very sad. I sometimes study too much, like a maniac and my friends know this and they take me on trips. The next is after a very hard exam and I am already stressing about something which is meant to make me feel relaxed. It is a one week trip at the seaside and I just hate the beach and all the people, I prefer a cabin in the middle of nowhere...
I already organized the whole trip in my head...
Appearance : I really like fashion. It makes me relaxed and helps me blend with the crowd and not stay too isolated. I am a total nerd but I want to be a sexy nerd. I look 8 years younger than my age so I take advantage of my looks to feel forever young he he. I don’t like to wear really cheap looking things but I enjoy a little bit of kitsch. Makes life more bearable. Everyone needs a bit of weirdness in their life.

I would really appreciate a response. Thank you in advance. It is important to me to spot this weaknesses and try and improve myself and be more efficient. I would like to understand how my brain functions so I could create a pattern and solve my own puzzle. If I made any mistake in my typing I apologize in advance. English is not my first language and I am typing from my phone.
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Re: Another ILI or LII confusion

Postby Yones » Wed Nov 07, 2018 10:32 pm

hello! i know this was an older post but i was intrigued by it and wanted to reply back. I"m quite familiar with intjs and intps, and have seen some of their differences firsthand , as well as understood their thinking differences. I have to say you do have good reason to feel confused on which type you are. Based on you wrote and from what i could make of it altogether, it is evident you think like an intp. However you make decisions like an intj. This isn't too unusual but while you seem to value a good sense of order in your actions or choices, you seem to still want to understand why you make them and be be more efficient overall. This takes away from the emphasis of just doing something for the sake of being organized or well plan but mainly to be more accurate/efficient.

well you're definitely good at understanding others and reading into patterns , this in done in a more efficient way (TI) rather than a intuitive way( NI/NE). This isn't to say you don't use intuition (because you clearly do and a high amount of it i might add) this can be seen in how to deal with your friendships and romantic relationships. Especially with how you deal with display of intense emotions . the fact that you do dissociate yourself so well from events, people , concepts ,events, emotions etc is further proof of that. You would think its a more logical thing like TE or TI but thats more of an NE technique . The reason im making a point of this is because of the fact that intp/LIL use more NE than intjs/LII .

But to really tie it in altogether is the fact the well you wanted to be organized internally the is hands down a TI technique which comes from INTPs.

the fact the you wish to gain more info in order to better your "system" ( personal goals or views of others) in a logical way is TI. So while you may feel messy or unorganized at times in real life , your way of thinking is not.

the p(perceiving) in intp definitely shows this and would explain the your social style too. While you didn't mention it i would late it you are probably laid back to a degree.

Long story short your more focused on thinking in a logical way that creates a system for explaining things (TI) and the need to improve or recreate a new system shows your need for more info/principles that explain everything. This is further fueled be your extroverted intuition ( NE) to understand something more. Ill put this way that fact that your still searching into this is proves it! :D

whoa, that was a lot but i hope it helps! given you get a chance to read it :lol: the only other thing to do would be to meet someone in real life you knows about mbti / socionics you confirm it - Kaleb , IEE/ENFP
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